Autoweight is an plugin for 3ds max to speed up skinning and rigging


Autoweight is a script designed for 3D Studio Max helping you speeding up the skinning process of characters and machines.

You define special polygon regions and the script finds the appropriate bones, calculates the appropriate skin-vertices and sets up smooth transitions between those regions.

Features in Version 1.0

  • Working with Max 2009 - 2016
  • Completely rewritten core
  • Region Painting
  • Customizable bone-falloff-transitions
  • View modes
  • Import + Export of regions to AWB-files
  • Using custom hierachies for bone objects (you're not longer forced to use bones or biped, you can use any object of a provided hierachy).
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    Take a look at the new features in Autoweight 1.0


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    Download Autoweight for 3DS Max 2009 – 2016

    Tutorial #1

    An indepth tutorial explaining Autoweight

    Tutorial #2

    An indepth tutorial explaining Autoweight


    Who is Mirko?

    I communicate in the different worlds of code and pixels as a technical-creative creating production pipelines and tools to make artist-lifes easier in Game- and Movie-productions.
    I have a strong IT-background with the main emphasis on digital media which I combine with the experience I have gathered as a 3D-artist understanding people's needs. I find creative balance at the Hamburg-free-climbing-community or in playing piano.